MeASBO Meetings

The Board of Maine ASBO has met to discuss and provide a format in which we as an organization can support business managers around the state for the 2022-2023 year. 

We will be meeting in person this coming year - we hope you will join us. A recent letter went out to members regarding posting a recording of the November meeting on MeASBO's YouTube Channel. You can read the letter from this link. Here is the link to the November 4 meeting on the Maine ASBO YouTube Channel:


November 4, 2022 - Augusta - Calumet Club

 September 23, 2022


Upcoming Meetings:  February 10, 2023 & April 14, 2023

If you have topics you would like to be scheduled/discussed in this type of meeting/forum, please forward them to:  [email protected].  Thank you!

For handouts provided at these and previous meetings, visit this page:  Previous Meeting Documents