Certification - School Business Official I, II, III

The following MeASBO members have achieved their School Business Official Certifications:

Deborah Roberts - SBO III
Scott Vaitones - SBO III
Luci Milewski - SBO III
Sherrie Small - SBO II
Karla Miller - SBO III
Shirley Waning - SBO III


MeASBO has three Voluntary Certification Tracks: SBO I, SBO II, and SBO III.  For more information on each of these certifications, please click the below link:

Certification Descriptions.pdf

Each Track has a checklist to help you keep track of your progress:

SBO I Checklist.pdf

SBO II Checklist.pdf

SBO III Checklist.pdf

If you are interested in pursuing your SBO Certification, please complete the Certification Application and Letter of Commitment below and submit them to MaineABO and it will be forwarded to the Certification Team.

Certification Application.pdf

Certification Letter of Commitment.pdf

Certification Process and Portfolio