Dave Holden Award

Every spring, members of MeASBO may nominate one of their peers for the "Outstanding School Business Official of the Year" award, known as the Dave Holden Award.  We will send out a notice to membership when nominations for the spring of 2022 can be made.

We accept either an online submission or a paper nomination form.

The criteria for a candidate includes:

Consistent attendance at meetings;
Usually assuming an active role during the meeting;
Generally supporting the organization and is usually enthusiastic;
May be associated with other organizations related to school business and civic organizations;
Usually available for volunteer service to MeASBO;

Being a paid-up member of MeASBO and in "Good Standing". 

Previous Recipients:

1985 Lucille Johnson
1986 Connie Jones
1987 Robert Hodge
1988 Russell Fearon
1989 Gary Leighton
1990 Charles Richardson, Jr
1991 Edward Ainsworth
1992 Patricia A. Duncan
1993 Kris Pottle
1994 Jude Cyr
1995 Bruce Powell
1996 Candace Dunbar
1997 Roger Levesque
1998 Carol Kinney
1999 Donn S. Davis
2000 Anne M. Stinchfield
2001 Dan O'Shea
2002 Jim Reny
2003 Scott Vaitones
2004 Jacqueline Barrett
2005 Alan Kochis
2006 Deb Roberts
2007 Ron Lavender
2008 Donald Martel
2009 Madeline Bassett
2010 James Jurdak
2011 Herbert Hopkins
2012 Sue Lambert
2013 Kathy Warren
2014 Adam Hanson
2015 Stacie Field
2016 Sherrie Small
2017 Catherine Messmer
2018 Luci Milewski
2019 Colin Walsh
2020 Brigette Williams
                                                           2021 Diane Boucher